Iris board with T20 freezes

I normally use the combination of IRIS + T20 + WEC7. But now I have a problem that the system freezes so that the display is ON (EDT 7 "), but does not respond to any inputs (ping on ethernet, touch, keyboard, …). After turning it off and on again it works correctly for a few days and then stops working again.

Thanks for help.

Dear @vex52,

Thank you for contacting the Toradex community!

T20, WEC7 v2.3 is quite stable and we don’t expect this issue. Could you try the below suggestions and let us know the feedback. It will help us to spot the issue.

Could you log the debug message from power ON to hang and share with us. Please don’t forget you must set dbg.serial = 1 in bootloader command prompt.

Did you add any external hardware and did OS customization?

If you are running any application, could you block it and try to reproduce the issue.

Could you try to reproduce the issue with our standard release image without doing any customization and your application?