Int_Demo gpio interrupt not working

WE TRIED THE GPIO INTERRUPT DEMO given in samples of V2.2 library code samples.
the interrupt is not generated and the demo application does not sense the interrupt when the gpio pin status is changed

Dear @zecons,

I have tested v2.2(2018-05-16) and v2.2b4501(2018-09-19) library release on VF61, WinCE6 v1.5. The Default Int Demo works for SODIMM 135 pin.
Did you use some other pin?
If you modified the demo application then please share with us through attachment feature.

We have tested using Toradex CE Libraries V2.2 not v2.2b4501(2018-09-19) library release
Is there an issue with v2.2

Dear @zecons,

Actually, we have tested on v2.2 library release and the SODIMM 135 interrupt works on the default IntDemo application. We are not seeing the issue on v2.2 release. If you are experiencing the issue v2.2 then please share reproducible application and let us try to reproduce the issue with your test application.

Thank you