Installing WinCE on Colibri Evaluation Board


I have a Colibri evb with Toradex Linux 2.6.1 BSP installed on it (see Environment for details)

I have been using it for a while now and enjoyed the entire experence.
I would now like to experiment with WinCE on T20, mostly to do some HW compatibility testing.

However, I cannot find any resources or tutorials on how to migrate from Linux to WinCE.

I am willing to work with WinCE 5 or WinCE 6 or WinCE 7.

If anyone can direct me to the relavent article or any other information, please do so.

Thanks in advance.

Hi. Try to use recovery mode posted here:

just put jumper on board to right place, connect board to pc, remove jumper and via posted bat file you can load to T20 wince as you want…hth

With Evaluation Boards 3.0 an later, there is a “recovery-mode” button. Press this one and then reset the device to get in the recovery mode. After that you can flash the board as described in the article linked above.