Installing Qt on LXDE image of TK1

is there a way to install all the necessary to run a Qt application on the TK1 without building a new image with OpenEmbedded(core) but adding it to a running image with LXDE?

Hi @txrx and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

No, you cannot install QT on the TK1 on a running LXDE image. Depending on your needs, you can install a pre-build Console Image with X11 and QT using Toradex Easy Installer (select Toradex CI Server in feeds) or you can build yourself a custom image.

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Hello @jaski.tx ,
thanks for your reply.
And do you think it is possible to cross compile Qt and then add to the LXDE image for the TK1?


Usually you do the cross compilation of the Qt Application but not cross compilation of QT libraries. You could try to do that or try to produce QT as an .ipk package.