Installing driver for SIM7600E mobile internet via USB

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It is bad luck. Please try to look other modules with supports WEC2013 or you would think about the UART interface application layer module, so you don’t rely on vendor driver.

Hi Raja,

will be Torizon a solution for my Problems?

My customer didn#t get in tough with Linux (and I can understand him) but if this is running totally under the Hood …
But, is it real time as WEC2013 is?

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@Gerhard, we will have an engineer for our Torizon team answering shortly. In the meantime, please think about using WEC 7 (WinCE 7) and give it a try there. Is there any particular reason for not using WEC 7?

Hi Roman, I need some RTOS behaviour. WEC 7 is a step back to an older version.
There is a bug in WEC2013, so lower priority tasks running before high priority tasks in some cases. Microsoft fixed this bug last October. Andy.tx told me, there will be a new image of WEC2013 available at the end of 2018, but I am still waiting.
I guess, WEC7 will not be supported by Toradex any more as it is older. If there is no new image for the newer version …

Without this patch, my system can’t exist.

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Let me get you some information about Torizon.
Going forward this could be a solution. Its designed with WinCE customer in mind moving to Linux. We try to make it as easy as possible. e.g no need to get familiar with Yocto Build system or getting a Linux Kernel specialist. You will be able to focus on your application, and we even integrated the support into the latest Visual Studio:

A general overview can be found here:

We are providing a version with Realtime support. Its based on the RT_PATCH.
To learn more about Realtime in Linux, I can recommend:

Also worth a note is that VF61, i.MX7, i.MX8QM, i.MX8X come with additional M4 microcontroller on the same die. So you can run FreeRTOS, bare-metal or other RTOS for extreme low latency application.

HI Gerhard.

Image including this patch was released in 2018.

We also released news about it