Installation of IDE tools

Here I want to write a simple print hello world program and load into the target board.
my target configuration is
1.SOM → IMX7 1GB emmc
2.colibri evalution board.
3. Target OS → Linux/Yacto
3. Host PC → Linux
Is there is any other way to write hello world program with out installing the eclipse IDE.
here I don’t want to use any other IDE tools also.
because already my host PC with linux OS.(but We need cross compilers )
How can I get these cross compilers for IMX7 with linux/yacto os.

If I want to write my custom I2C slave driver for IMX7 where can I write (means which IDE is required for it ).

2 years ago I was worked with some other SOM .There is no need of installing any IDE tools like VS code and eclipse.
Directly they are providing the cross compiler’s binary files.

please some one help me.


Welcome to Toradex community.

Yes, you can compile a C/C++ application without using IDE. To do so, you need to install a cross-toolchain either by downloading it from our developer site or you can build it using yocto/oe core. Please refer to Getting started Guide for step by step guidance to download, install, and compiling of a sample C code. Also, refer to SDK article which will guide you on how to build an SDK using OECore/Yocto project.

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