Install Torizon image through usb stick

I am trying to install a previously downloaded torizon easy install image to a verdin board.
I have modified the image.json file to “autoinstall”: true, and now the description tells me to unzip the tar file to the usb stick and boot the device. But obviously the image.json file also has to reside on the stick to make any sense. So I think I do not understand how this should work.
Let me repeat what I think I have to do:
I start the device in recovery mode. Then I need to load the easy install software through USB OTG from the host computer. And then…?

Greetings @BernhardG,

Let me try and lay out the process step by step and see if that helps clarify things.

  1. Put your module into recovery mode and load Easy Installer
  2. On your PC/Laptop download the tarball file of the Image you want to autoinstall
  3. Untar this file, within there should be an image.json file. Modify this file so “autoinstall”: true.
  4. Copy the entire image folder to a USB stick.
  5. While your device is running Easy Installer, plug in your USB stick.
  6. The image should start automatically installing itself since you set the autoinstall property.

That should be it. Did that help or is there still something unclear?

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Thank you, this helps. Unfortunately the description site Production Programming for Linux | Toradex Developer Center tells that first step is to modify the “image.json” file for autoinstall:true and then

The next step is to put the image to be written on the external media. Usually, the image comes in tarball files. So, extract the *.tar into the external media (SD Card, USB stick). For example, for a Reference Multimedia Image for Apalis i.MX8:

This is quite confusing, because the extraction must be the first so that the image.json file can be modified. After I had extracted and modified the image.json, I was unsure, which file beside the image.json I should extract and put on the usb stick…
Thank you for helping.

Glad I was able to help clarify. Let me pass your feedback along to our documentation team.

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