Install QNX on i.MX6 ixora with u-boot + SD card

We’ve got an iMX6 on a iXora carrier. We used the easy install to get LXDE installed and verified that all the HW is working.

We then downloaded the Toradex referenced QNX BSP (bsp-nxp-mx6q-sabresmart) and used the instructions provided by Blackberry to prep a µSD card and loaded the BSP onto the card.

  • used dd to copy the ifs-mx6q-sabresmart.bin file to offset 1024 of the disk.
  • mounted the disk
  • used dd to copy the ipl-mx6q-sabresmart.bin file to /dev/sdb1/qnx-ifs

Using the serial cables provided in the carrier board accessory kit, we connected the serial adaptor cable to X22 on the iXora and used the provided null modem cable to connect to a PC w/ a terminal app running.

We then put the µSD card in the carrier board, rebooted into u-boot and then issued the following commands:

  • mmc list # which showed us that the SD card was slot 1

  • mmc dev 1 # choose slot 1

  • fatload mmc 1:1 0x10800000 qnx-ifs # load the files slot 1, device 1( the µSD)

  • reading qnx-ifs

  • 19494264 bytes read in 957 ms (19.4 MiB/s) # files loaded

Then, per the QNX provided instructions sent the following command

  • go 0x10800000

We get the following back

  • Starting application at 0x10800000 …

and nothing else.

There is an easyinstaller coming for QNX that would likely solve this, but we need to get this running in the near term so any pointers on what we are doing wrong with u-boot would be greatly appreciated

hi @amuir

Welcome to the Toradex Community!

Could you provide the version of the Software of your module?

What is your application? Why do you want to use QNX?

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hi @amuir

It looks like your trying to port IMX6 Sabre lite BSP on our module.
please note This BSP will work only on Sabre boards .
if you want to port QNX on to our modules please contact our partners.

Best Regards,