Initial Programming of OS and Application on Colibri iMX6 / Aster

For a Colibri iMX6DL 512MB V1.1A attached to an Aster V1.1B,
I need to install the operating system (WinCE6 or WEC2013) and our software automatically with no connection to a pc.

The steps should be approximately as follows:

  • The operator switches on power to the system
  • The system boots into Easy Installer in unattended mode, and uses the SD card as source to install the software
  • When finished, the operator switches off power

Is this possible, or do I need to install Easy Installer manually to the board, in order to setup a new operating system?

The Toradex Easy Installer can be customized in order to flash your own software onto the Colibri module. There’s an extensive article on the Toradex developer site, explaining how the Easy Installer can be configured for this purpose:

Regards, Andy