In VF50 with CE8 how to transfer files from PC to VF50 module's FlashDisk

In VF 50 with CE6 we are using Windows mobile Device center to transfer data from PC to Colibri module. But this doesn’t work on CE8. So which Tool we can use to transfer data.

You can connect WEC2013 to a network share by “net use” command.

Also you can use USB flash drive or SD card.

Hi Madhav,

WinCE 2013 does not support active sync and can not be used to share files like you do in CE7/CE6 over USB.

There is an article on accessing files over LAN using a remote admin interface.

Unfortunately, due to some reason remote admin web interface too does not work for WinCE2013.

Apart from what Alex recommended, you can also have a look at these community question that might be helpful for you.