In Field updates Apalis iMX6

While updating everything to V2.6 the following question bothered me:
How should such an update be performed in field without bootloader terminal access?
The regular updates are doable with changing the UBoot environment to auto start “setupdate” and “update” while resetting the environment with the next Linux boot, right?
But what about the reboot and fusing in this case since i cannot print a message to the user to cycle power?

Bootloader terminal access is not required as it could all be scripted via U-Boot environment. Even for our new i.MX 6 SoC fusing command we provisioned for a -y parameter to avoid the manual confirmation step. Concerning the required power cycle I am afraid there is not much one can do to overcome this short from having a carrier board with its supply being remotely controllable. That said one could probably also split the whole update into few separate pieces each to be run independently.