IMX8X yocto build


I have successful build the linux image followed by the instruction below:

However, when I try to load a nimbelink modem, I had error message below:
modprobe: FATAL: Module option not found in directory /lib/modules/4.14.

Can someone answer how can I install /usb/serial/option.ko kernel module?


For quick and dirty, I think you can include the following in your /build/conf/local.conf
CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += “kernel-modules”
CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL += “linux-firmware”

Of course, you will want to circle back and add just the pieces you want. It should probably be added properly in your own layer as well.

It did not work, I am still having the same problem.

Found some info here. Might have to configure the right kernel options too. If you can’t find the option you are looking for, you can use “/” key in kernel menuconfig to search.




-Depends on: NETDEVICES [=y] && USB_NET_DRIVERS [=n] && USB_USBNET [=n]

Nimbelink NL-SW-LTE-TSVG / Telit LE910-SVG

  • Still in testing, contact support@… *

    4G LTE CAT 3
    Pre-Certified Verizon Modem
    100Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds
    USA : Verizon
    USB ID 1bc7:1201 Telit Wireless Solutions


option.ko (CONFIG_USB_SERIAL_OPTION) exposes 5 serial ports:
    /dev/ttyUSB0 - qcdm
    /dev/ttyUSB1 - at
    /dev/ttyUSB2 -
    /dev/ttyUSB3 - at
    /dev/ttyUSB4 - 
qmi_wwan (USB_NET_QMI_WWAN) exposes network interface and QMI interface:
    /dev/cdc-wdm0 - control (QMI) 


Nimbelink Module


Mini-PCIe Carrier Board for Nimbelink Module



@kswain:Can you be more specific? Couldn’t follow you on this comment.