iMX8X latest Torizon Image

I have the Colibri iMX8X and using the EZ Installer what is the latest image that I should use for the Torizon Core with evaluation containers. The most recent images show no hardware spec or “for V1.0B” I have a V1.0D rev device and the closest match latest “for V1.0C” is from 3-9-21

Greetings @RayO,

The image with no hardware spec, is the latest TorizonCore stable release. Both the V1.0D and V1.0C should work with this image. The only reason the 1.0B gets a separate image, is because that revision uses different silicon on the main chip, which requires different software.

I hope I helped clarify this.

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Yes, thanks Jeremias, that clears things up.

Glad I could help clear things up!