Imx8qm-pinctrl scu with Apalis dtsi

The platform I am working with is the following:

Apalis imx8qm V1.1B
Carrier Ixora 1.2A
Full HD 15.6’’ Ampire display (LVDS)
BSP 5.x

I’m trying to solve some error I see on the console during the Kernel loading.
I noticed u-boot by default sets


Thinking it should be part of the problem I changed this field to


The error related to rtc disappears (the others no) and now i have new errors.
They are all about imx8qm-pinctrl scu and I don’t understand what is going wrong.
Am I using the right device tree for my hardware?
Maybe I am using a wrong configuration for my kernel?

Can someone give me a little help to solve this issue?
I attached a .txt showing my errors during kernel loading/starting.

error_list_apalis.txt (3.0 KB)

I can try to find a solution for other errors but I don’t know how to fix “imx8qm-pinctrl scu” errors.


Hi @Merlin

The variable fdt_board should reference your carrier board, not your module.

If you do a printenv preboot, you will see how the fdtfile is assembled using other variables.

printenv preboot
preboot=setenv fdtfile ${soc}-apalis-${fdt_board}.dtb

Also, a printenv will show you all the variables, which is a nice way to better understand the booting process. Take a look at this Linux - Distro Boot article as well.

You can list all dts on the linux-toradex kernel to see how the ftd_board is expected to look like (of course Uboot will use dtb instead of dts):

$ cd ~/linux-toradex/arch/arm64/boot/dts/freescale
$ ls | grep -P "apalis.+dts$"

Best regards,

Hi @henrique.tx
I’m sorry for what I wrote, there is a mistake.
As you told, the correct fdt_board is ixora-1.2 and this is the value I set (i did an error in the message before).

The errors I attached to the previous messag appears running fdt_board ixora-v1.2 that consist in running the following device tree: imx8qm-apalis-v1.1-ixora-v1.2.dtb

Why do I get theese pincontrol errors? I guess I’m using the proper device tree

obviously by setting the fdt_board parameter to apalis-v1.1, the system does not even start

Hi @Merlin !

You are building your own image based on BSP 5 and using Yocto, is that right?

Have you made any changes or appends on any recipe?

Also, if you use the default Reference Image (either Minimal or Multimedia), do you see the same errors?

Best regards,