IMX8MM Verdin Dev Based Board GT911 IRQ not working Properly

Hi ,
We have a custom board based on IMX8MM.
Linux version → 5.4.161-39953-g0f0011824921
When we tried to Integrate a GT9XX touch device we are facing a issue where irq is not coming at all.
IRQ is correctly been requested and shown in /proc/interrupts.
One Thing I found is the we are using the same pins as the mwifiex modules(usdhc3) and when i initialize the module the touch starts working.

Device Tree

touchscreen@5d {
                compatible = "goodix,gt911";
                reg = <0x5d>;
                pinctrl-names = "default";
                //pinctrl-0 = <&pinctrl_touch_rst_irq>;
                interrupt-parent = <&gpio3>;
                interrupts = <17 0x2008>; 
                reset-gpios = <&gpio3 13 0>;
                irq-gpios = <&gpio3 17 0>;
                touchscreen-size-x = <720>;
                touchscreen-size-y = <1280>;
		status = "okay";

Is this cause something buggy in the GT9XX driver and the pins are not initialized properly ?
I’m not able to pin point how exactly it starts to work.

Could you please share a schematic snippet of your carrier board related to GT9XX circuits?