I am using the Verdin iMX8M Mini.

In the datasheet, iMX8M Mini, CTRL_PWR_EN_MOCI is noted as being asserted.

In the Verdin Computer Module Carrier Board Design Guide, CTRL_PWR_EN_MOCI is referred to as “being released”.

Is CTRL_PWR_EN_MOCI de-asserted, after the 1.8V is output (PWR_1V8_MOCI)?
Can CTRL_PWR_EN_MOCI be configured as a GPO in uBoot?

The Verdin module is enabling the peripheral power rails on a carrier board by asserting the CTRL_PWR_EN_MOCI signal. For the Minimalistic Carrier Board Power Supply Use Case you can keep CTRL_PWR_EN_MOCI not connected but you can’t use it as a GPIO. Please check chapter 5.1 Power Signals of Verdin iMX8M Mini datasheet for details.

Found the issue, was holding Reset too long. Issue solved.