iMX8 Yocto image with PREEMPT RT


I would like to ask, is it possible in the current toradex yocto platform for iMX8QM to build a linux with PREEMPT RT patch directly?
I already added in the local.conf file in yocto

PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-toradex-rt"

The image builds without errors, but after flashing it on the iMX8, it shows that it doesnt have RT patch.

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Hi @majd.m

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Which OpenEmbedded branch did you compile?
Have you done any other changes to local.conf? If yes, could you share these changes?

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Hi @jaski.tx,

Thank you for the quick response,
The OpenEmbedded branch is thud.
The other local.conf is just some qt libraries.

MAGE_INSTALL_append = " qtquickcontrols qtquickcontrols2 qtwebsockets qtdeclarative qtwayland"
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " libwebsockets"

the image is built with qt: “qt5-x11-image”

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Hi @majd.m

You can basically just switch the DISTRO_mx8 to tdx-xwayland-rt. I did following changes to the conf/local.conf:

# Use this distro
DISTRO = "tdx-x11"
#DISTRO_mx8 = "tdx-xwayland"
DISTRO_mx8 = "tdx-xwayland-rt"


After that, I was able to build the image with bitbake -k qt5-x11-image.

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Thank you. Seem to be working. I will test the image soon.

You are welcome. Thanks for your feedback.