iMX8(X): Temperature trip points / Linux Thermal Management

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A customer asked me about the temperature trip points for the iMX8(X) and I was checking on the thermal drivers and, to my surprise, imx-thermal is no longer being used. I was checking imx_sc_thermal as well as imx8mm_thermal (that are added in the kernel) but I couldn’t find anything clear to check and change the trip points.

  • What are the current trip points (passive & critical) for the iMX8(X)?
  • Where can this be changed?

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Well, on the i.MX 8/8X power management and temperature monitoring are entirely handled by the SCFW.

NXP i.MX Linux Reference Manual, page 85, section 2.9 Thermal

i.MX 8 and i.MX 8X SoCs configure this in their dtsi file and specify CONFIG_IMX_SC_THERMAL in defconfig.

The thermal driver can be accessed through the following interface:

/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zoneX for i.MX 8 and i.MX 8X.

Thanks as always @marcel.tx :slight_smile: