IMX8 Kernel Hang

I have attempted to setup the iMX8 on the Apalis Development Board and when I booted up the system for the first time, I get a kernel hang. I am using the following build: torizon-core-docker-evaluation-apalis-imx8-Tezi_5.1.0+build.1.container. I have attached the serial readout from the board. Please let me know if there is a fix for this issue, or if I could provide any other information to help with the troubleshooting process.


Hi @breddish

Can you run the latest nightly build as an experiment? You can follow this link to find instructions on putting your device into recovery mode and loading the Toradex Easy Installer.

You can then enable the Toradex CI feed and then install our nightly builds. I’d like to know the results of both the nightly “TorizonCore with evaluation containers” build as well as the nightly “Toradex Embedded Linux Reference MInimal Image” build.


Another step that may provide interesting info, on the scenarios that do not seem to boot properly, can you interrupt the U-Boot when it says to “Hit any key to stop autoboot” and then on the U-Boot prompt run the following:

U-Boot> setenv tdxargs ignore_loglevel
U-Boot> boot

That will enable more logging at the serial console that may be instructive.


Hi @drew.tx

I attempted to enter recovery mode and ran the recovery-windows.bat file to install the Easy Installer. After turning on the board with the recovery mode pins shorted, I executed the script from a Windows computer connected by the USB OTG. The script appears to get stuck looking for a USB device. Any thoughts? I have attached the readout from the cmd window.

I also followed your steps to interrupt the U-Boot menu. After executing the recommended commands, there was no useful information displayed by the COM port.

Thank you,

When module properly put in a recovery mode nothing should be seen at your terminal until you start a recovery script. But new USB device (USB download gadget) should appear in a Windows Device Manger. Which carrier board you are using? If it IXora could you doublecheck if JP2 is removed and nothing is inserted into lower part of USB connector X8.

Please note that iMX8 USB OTG is pecky about USB cable quality and avoid a USB hub.

Could you also specify a Toradex Easy Installer version you are using?

When I started the board in recovery mode, my PC was unable to download the SE Blank 8QM driver. Is there a special driver needed for a windows machine to recognize the dev board?

I am using the Apalis Development Board and Apalis-iMX8_ToradexEasyInstaller_2.0b7-20210415 is the easy installer.

Hi @alex.tx
I changed out my USB cable and the installer script made it further but failed at the end. I now see the device in the device manager (see image). Is there a permissions issue or driver I need to install for this to work?


@breddish I’ve also heard that using a USB 2.0 hub can sometimes help with recovery mode. It definitely seems like it is related to the USB connection in your case so if you can try a different hub perhaps you’ll find a working combination.


@breddish I do have a bunch of USB cables that don’t work for recovery with my laptop (though some of them work OK with other Windows machines). And I have a couple cables which works half way as you described in a later comment.

So please try to find a high quality USB cable and/or try to use another host machine.

Is your Windows runs natively or inside some kind of virtual machine?

@alex.tx Thank you for the recommendations. After several different USB cables and two different Windows computers, I was able to install the Easy Installer. From there, I was able to successfully flash an image to the board.

Glad your problem was solved. Thank you for the update!