Imx7d + WEC2013 + Silverlight/XAML + VS2015

Hardware: Colibri iMX7D 512MB

Just checking to see if Silverlight/XAML projects are supported on the iMX7D on WEC2013. I have seen some other modules mentioned but not the iMX7D. After installing the hardware SDK I am not having any luck creating a silverlight project.

Create new in VS2015 fails with little error info. When I try porting a WEC7 project I previosly worked on it gives an error that _tmainStartup cannot be found. Wondering if I need to consider some other options for building out my UI.


Please note that the XAML components are not part of the preinstalled Win CE licence.
Toradex can provide you an cab installer for testing, however for volume production you need to upgrade your licence.