iMX7D u-boot 2019.07 rebuild from sources

Does latest u-boot 2019.07 commit need some extra steps to build than specified [here][1]?

Older commit works and produces the same sized binary as was provided with 3.0b4 BSP.

git clone -b Colibri-iMX7_Console-Image_3.0b4.254-20200421 git://

Latest commit produces bigger image and doesn’t boot, no console etc.

git clone -b toradex_2019.07 git://


Unfortunately you haven’t specified link but I assume it’s a

All required steps are listed there. No additional steps required. However

  • Latest Colibri imx7 U_Boot is toradex_2020.07 . Please check here.

  • Each U_boot version required different toolchain version. Please check here

  • There are 2 configs for Colibri iMX7 - colibri_imx7_defconfig and colibri_imx7_emmc_defconfig for your module version you should use colibri_imx7_defconfig

  • How did you flash a built U_Boot?

Hi @alex.tx ,

I wonder why url failed. 2nd attempt HERE .
Your link is 404.

To flash compiled u-boot I put it to USB stick or tftp shared folder, then run setupdate and run update_uboot.

Unfortunately latest U-boot has broken bootaux command. 2019.07 bootaux is working for both TCM and OCRAM FW. I need to change IOMUX settings for CAN TX pin. By default it has 100k pull down enabled, which is problem for my CAN transceiver and missing pull up resistor, which makes CAN bus dead until Linux IOMUX settings are applied.

I wonder how toradex_2019.07 branch suggested by “build-u-boot-and-linux-kernel-from-source-code” could fail? Toolchain is fine.

What exactly do you mean by “fail”?