Imx7d Strapping pins

hi everybody

i am designing a carrirer board with toradex pinout designer, i found strapping category

i wonder that those strapping pins works , when i read imx7 datasheet, there is no page , so i thought a nand device is the only boot device

if i use strapping pins could i boot from other device such as QSPI rom

thanks in advance

Colibri iMX7D can only boot from eMMC/NAND. The only exception is if the recovery pin is activated and then the iMX boot ROM will try to load from the USB gadget port.

To boot from other devices you will need a bootloader in flash to do the second stage and then jump to whatever storage you want. Even booting from SD goes through flash first.

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Hi @hyoungki, the answer provided by @lkoziarz is correct. Colibri iMX7 is already fused and configured to boot via the eMMC/NAND (plus recovery) before shipping, so, unfortunately, additional booting options through the strapping pins are not available.

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