iMX7D recovery mode pin

In the Colibri iMX7 Datasheet is decribed that the SODIMM pin 91 is pulled UP via 100k (under 4.1 Function Multiplexing), also that the default reset state of this pin is GPIO with 100k pulled DOWN enabled (under 4.4.1 SODIMM 200).
That does not make the impression of a defined condition (voltage divider).

So how should that pin be connected to enter NOT the recovery mode (leave unconneced, pull-up via resistor, fix to 3.3V or other) ?

Thank you !

There is a special circuit place on the module to handle situation properly (marked as an “inverter”) on page 17 of Colibri iMX7 datasheet. To enter recovery mode pin 91 should be pulled down by <10K resistor during module power-up. In any other case (floating or pulled up) system boot’s up normally. And after that you an use pin 91 as a regular IO pin (epdc.SDDO[8]/ sim1.PORT1_TRXD/ qspi.B_DATA[0]/ uart6.RX/ weim.OE/ gpio2.IO[8]/ lcdif.DATA[8]/ lcdif.BUSY).