iMX7D 1GB, WCE8, TS .CAB, TS not working

I followed iMX7 WinCE Bring-up:
iMX7D 1GB V1.1A
7" Capactive Touch Screen
Aster Board V1.1B
Installed WCE2013 (nk8.bin)
Installed ToradexCapactiveTchSlnCAB_WCE2013.CAB
After reboot the screen adjusted correctly, but the Touch Screen doesn’t work

Could you please doublecheck if 10pins FFC cable was connected properly?
Have you selected an Aster board during CAB installation?

To verify if touch HW works correctly you cat try to install Linux with required Device Tree overlays.

Got my setup working with iMX8 SOM+Aster+LCD+Torizon+proper overlays and everything works. I replaced the iMX8 SOM with iMX7D 1GB, and installed WinCE2013 and the matching CAB file. The Touchscreen does not work. Changed out the iMX7D SOM and put the iMX8 SOM back in and everything works. Ended with a different iMX7D 1GB SOM, and still no Touchscreen.