iMX7 WEC2013 Configuring alternate UART

I am running into some issues configuring WEC2013 to use an alternate UART. I am sure this is documented some place but not finding documented steps on how to enable UART7 on SOMM pins 95 and 150. (This is the Alt 3 configuration).

In our design we are using UART1 on COM1 (working great) and UART7 on COM7 (not working). I am not tied to using COM7. Also happy to redirect UART7 to COM2. Any documentation or help would be very helpful.


Thank you Alex. This is helpful. I did not see any mention in this article on how to change between DTE and DCE mode. Could you point me in the right direction for that as well? Thank you.

WInCE AURT driver has the DTE mode hardcoded.

So in the WEC2013 UART driver there is no way to move from DTE to DCE?

You can configure desired mode by modification of UARTx_UFCR refister . To get a virtual address of that register you can use Map_MapMemory() from Toradex CE Libraries:. Please check i.MX 7Dual Applications Processor Reference Manual for details