iMX7 under CE8 - Can not start deployed app

Hello support! Please help with understanding of the following situation:

Environment: - iMX7 board running Win CE8 -custom carrier board - Visual Studio 2012 with installed Toradex CE8 SDK v2.0

Question: Can not run any of the deployed apps on CE8 machine. Doing the following:

In VS2012 create new project from template: WIndows Embedded Compact/ Toradex CE800/ Device Application Visual C#

Create some simple “Hello world” with single label and single button

Build solution (succeeded)

On CE8 machine start: ConManClient2, after that starting cmaccept

CE8 machine has proper IP address from DHCP. Setting this address to Debug Properties under VS2012

Under same debug properties setting Remote path as: FlashDisk (to keep app on CE8 machine permanently)

Hit Start Debugging (F5) in VS2012

VS2012 show error: The app can not be launched for Debugging
Please point me to the wrong part of my steps which may cause this behavior. How can I run Windows Forms app on CE8 machine ?
I tried to install the .net compact famework from this link:High performance, low power Embedded Computing Systems | Toradex Developer Center the file extension was in xml file.How can I install this?

Windows Embedded Compact development is supported on VS2013 and VS2015, we never tested with VS2012.
You should be able to download the .NET Compact Framework installer from here:
Can you try to install it on your device?
When you start debugging, is the application deployed to the target?
If only debug fails, what happens if you try to start the deployed executable directly on the device?

Yes thank you…its worked properly even in visual studio 2012… and I did the mistake to install .net compact framework on development machine instead of Colibri module… thank you much for your support