Imx7 Torizon Matrix Keypad

How do I enable and add a Matrix (4x4) keypad to the torizon device tree so that it works within the operating system?
Thank you in advance for your eventual answer.

Greetings @Rem0068,

A similar question has been answered before in good detail here: 4x4 Matrix keypad Interfacing with i-MX6 - Technical Support - Toradex Community

Obviously the only difference would be to adapt these instructions for your i.MX7.

Please ask if any of the instructions in that post are unclear or require clarification.

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Thanks for the answer but I realized that I asked the question wrongly.
The operating system we chose to use is torizon linux…
On the technical documentation I read:
"The iMx 7 soc featur a keyboard controller with hardware support… "
My question is: how do I enable this using (I assume) the device tree structure of Torizon OS?
Thank you for the possible answer.

While Torizon has a newer version of the Kernel compared to our normal Linux BSP, the device tree structures are mostly the same.

The link I posted goes through a step by step with examples of device tree bindings for a matrix keyboard. The driver for this has had little change between then and the kernel version for Torizon so the device tree bindings that worked then should still be valid for Torizon.