iMX7 Pinout Designer conversion to hardware initialization code freeRTOS

I am successful getting the freeRTOS spi example to run on the M4. Each example has it’s own hardware_init.c. However, as I add more peripherals I suspect I will have difficulty merging each of the individual hardware_init’s into a single hardware_init that supports several peripherals. Other products such as Microchip and Silicon labs have similar tools to Toradex Pin Designer that generate C-code that is consistent with all the configured peripherals. However, it’s not clear with Pin Designer how I generate the hardware register initialization code in C. Do I have to refer to the NXP datasheet or is there a tool that generates the code?
Thanks very much

Toradex Pinout Designer does not have functionality to generate a Device Tree or C code. However you can use an NXP Pin Tools. That tool can generate a Device tree and C code for pinmux settings. Just set the same pin assignment at NXP tool after selecting desired configuration using Toradex tool.