IMX7 linux loading errors

Here I am using the imx7 1gb emmc som with colibri-evalution board.
I am trying to write a simple gpio application .
I am following the quickstart guide.
After installing the Toradex Embedded Linux Demo with LXDE.
my SOM is giving some message on debug console.
“starting kernel …”
The above step only it is blocking.
Here I am attaching the pics and videos.
messages on debug console.

please kindly any one can help me to sort out this problem.


Welcome to toradex community.

Hope you have installed the BSP v2.8b7 image.if not, could you please reinstall the image and let me know if you still facing the error.
I would request you to try our latest BSP releases (BSP v5.x).

Hi @ashok.tx
I already did this and I successfully got the os installation.
Thanks for your help.


Thanks for the update.