IMX7 connection error

We bought two IMX7 1GB (SOC) boards from toradex.

We started the project as mentioned in the quickstart guide.

Steps done on the target board:

1.Board configuration

i. Som → IMX7 1GB emmc.

ii.carrier → colibri evaluation board.

iii.Target device OS → Linux/Torizon.

iv.Development PC OS -LINUX/UBUNTU 18.0 LTS.

2.Setting the jumpers (JP17,JP19) to USB. also placing the IMX7 on the evaluation board as per guide.

3.Loading the Easy installer.

4.Installing the Torizon core with evaluation containers.

5.Restart the board.

6.Note down the IP address as 192.168.105.

7.Creating the portioner login IDs and passwords as per guide.

Steps done on the development PC:

1.Installing the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

  1. Installing the putty.

3.Run the putty with IP address is getting from the target board).

Here my development PC is giving an error message putty fatal error,

and putty connection timed out. Again and again we are getting these error messages only.

My development pc is not able to connect to the target board. Can you please help us to overcome this issue.

Greetings @TRINU,

Is your development PC and the Toradex module on the same network?

What is the exact error given by Putty?

Best Regards,

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