Imx6ull mux_mode

Hello all,

I have the following system:
Colibri IMX6ULL 512MB
Operating system: The Ångström distribution v2017.12
Kernel: Linux 4.9.220-2.8.7+g57229263ff65

I want to use the following pins as GPIOs.
For this I have set the MUX_MODE to 0101. After a certain time the MUX_MODE is reset by the system. Can someone tell me how to turn off this behavior?

Hi @Wilhelm !

I don’t know how this can happen… Could you please share how you changed the MUX_MODE in first place?

You should do it on the device tree and this will not be changed on the running system.

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Hi @henrique.tx ,

i mapped the IOMUXC register via mmap and wrote the 0101 for ALT5 (GPIO-Mode) direct to the register.

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Hi @Wilhelm !

You should perform MUX changes on the device tree.

Please refer to the Device Tree Customization Examples | Toradex Developer Center article for some examples.

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