Imx6ull falcon mode


I am trying to speed up the boot process of imx6ull boards, any suggestion of how to enable the falcon mode in u-boot?

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As far as I understand falcon mode only makes sense if booting in multiple stages which include usage of an SPL. However, currently the Colibri iMX6ULL is booted directly without an SPL.

Yes, sure, but we are not using any SPL and currently have no plans to change that.

As U-Boot is fully open-source feel free to modify it to your liking.

You may ask a new question rather then changing the subject within an existing thread. Thanks!

Anyway, how about the information contained in the image.json of a Toradex Easy Installer package?

Additionally, you can check the following that another customer tried for Apalis iMX6:

My understanding is that falcon mode is a faster mode to use U-Boot, from what I have seen you can save up to 3 seconds when enabling the SPL.

The boot process would be like this:
Primary Bootloader → SPL → Kernel

The result should be that U-Boot would be replaced with the U-Boot’s SPL (falcon mode).