IMX6ULL empty boot folder, can't find device tree blob

I’m looking for the .dtb file in the boot folder of the imx6ull so that I can decompile, make my changes, then recompile it into the boot folder. But when I go into the boot folder the folder is completely empty; there’s nothing for me to decompile into a .dts. I’ve done this on the IMX8 and IMX6DL and the boot folder always has .dtb files in it.

The embedded Linux image I am using is the minimal reference image that you can get right from the Toradex Easy Installer if the dev board is hooked up to the internet.

I used the same minimal reference image for imx6DL and imx8 before, and the boot folder had device trees in them.

A Colibri iMX6Ull has a raw NAND flash. Device tree stored as a raw binary (no FS). Please check this topic for details.