iMX6Q consolle port login

We always get “Authentication Failure” trying to login to the consolle port.

Could you please provide more details?

  • What OS you are using?

  • What is a BSP version?

  • How exactly you trying to login to “console port”

  • Any logs?

  • Any other information which allows us to reproduce that issue?

OS: Latest Boot2Qt for APALIS iMX6 downloaded with the Qt Maintenance Tool downloaded
BSP:Linux B2Qt-APALIS-iMX6 4.9.144

Investigated, we understood that problem seems generated when we had to insert the device-tree generated from Yocto Project (Open Embedded). With the original Qt device-tree it was working. The consolle UART is working but once “root” password is typed the answer is always “Authentication Failure”. Attached is the device-tree for a cros-check. Thanks in text

We have a ready to use Qt for Device Creation image for Apalis iMX6