Imx6q apalis eval PCIE hotplugging Support


I would like to know whether imx6q apalis eval board is supporting PCIE hot plugging.
If it supports, how I can enable this support(what are the steps).
If it is not supporting what are the other alternatives to achieve it.

In my use case I should be able to remove and connect a PCIE wireless card such that it get detected and functioning without reboot.

Best Regards,
Pradeepkumar Soman

No, at least not out-of-the-box as the two regular PCIe slot’s PRSNT1# pins are just tied to ground and the PRSNT2# ones are going to test points plus the PEX 8605 PCIe switch’s HP_PRSNT# pin also just goes to a test point. I guess one may be able to modify at least one of the regular PCIe slots to have its presence detect logic being connected to the switch. Besides this hardware modification one would require to enable the switch’s presence detect logic and tie it to the resp. port plus the PCIe controller of the i.MX 6 may not support hot-plugging without some further driver modifications.

Ok, thanks for the confirmation. I think Apalis TK1 support the PCIe hot-plugging, with support in the driver and the hardware. I could see hot-plugging detection inside the tegra PCIe controller driver(drivers/pci/host/pci-tegra.c). Could you please confirm it.

Whether or not resp. vendor’s driver may support it we do not know.

Please also note that PCIe hot-plugging is not a standard feature neither of our Apalis family specification nor our regular BSPs and it also will require custom hardware changes.