iMX6 wince 7 How to change display resolution. I need 196 dpi for screen. I need more big fonts, objects, etc

iMX6 wince 7 How to change display resolution. I need 196 dpi for screen. I need more big fonts, objects, etc.

You can configure display resolution using registry:

I saw this page. It’s not clear what property do I need to use.,I saw this page, but it’s not clear. What is property I need to change?

What is not clear on the page? You can configure screen resolution and timings.
Of course the actual resolution may depend on your display and you’ll have to setup the right parameters to be able to see an actual image on it.

wec 7
I use TM050RBH01 5 inch 800X480 RGB 24 bits display.
When I run custom program on variscite vsm-om37, I change LogicalPixelsX/Y to 196 and all objects be large.
On toradex iMX6 I saw small objects, number, etc. what should I do?

How do you set those values? If you can provide us a way to test we can try to reproduce the issue and may be able to provide a fix.

I can’t save these register values . How can I solve this problem?
HLM\SYSTEM\GWE\Display LogicalPixelsY = 192
HLM\SYSTEM\GWE\Display LogicalPixelsX = 192
HLM\Drivers\Display\GPE LogicalPixelsY = 192
HLM\Drivers\Display\GPE LogicalPixelsX = 192

Thank U for help

If you change those values and then select the “save registry” option in registry editor, those values will be saved, at leats in v1.2

colibri iMX6DL and colibri iMX6S we7 . Your workspace v1.2.
I unable to save these branchs and these values

Can you detail a bit more what does “unable to save these branches” mean?
Do you get any error? How do you try to save them?
You mention our workspace, are you trying to add them to your own registry file and build your own image?
Or you are using the registry editor running on Windows CE?

colibri iMX6 wec7
HLM\system\gwe\display LogicalPixelsY 192
HLM\system\gwe\display LogicalPixelsX 192
save registry
After reload iMX6 I don’t see these records.

Seems that there is an issue with that specific registry key, we need some time to investigate this.
We will update this thread as soon as we make some progress on the issue.

Sorry for the late reply.
Seems to be an issue with GWES code that restores the default values at every restart.
What are you trying to achieve with those settings? It may be that if you provide a bigger picture we may find a different way to solve the issue.