IMX6 Restore After Bad Registry Setting

Hello to everyone,

this is my first post here and I want to greet you.

I’m new on the Colibri programming, less than one month, and I’ve to say that it was going everything well.

Until now because after a registry change the OS boots but I cannot see anything in the screen.

The OS is Windows Embedded 2013 and I’ve changed two registry values to increase the screen resolution, but unfortunately I don’t remember them.

I’ve changed from 640x480 to 1024x7680abd now I cannot see the desktop the boots normally, I think since I can ping it.

So I’m asking you if there is a way to restore the registry to the factory settings.

I’ve also tryied to re flash the OS using the Toradex Easy Installer with no success because doesn’t recognize the USB dingle or the SD card with Easy Installer unzipped there.

Very strange but at the boot the system doesn’t recognize the SPACE pressure (probably for this reason I can not access to the boot menu and load the Toradex Installer).

So please i ask your support since I’m loosing to much precious time for a stupid action I made.

Thanks in advance


Can you try to hold the space key down permanently to enter the bootloader menu?

Otherwise you could use the autorun feature to clear the registry by using the command line switch /c of the update tool.

Thank you haide, probably you are talking about this procedure :

Once in office I will test and I’ll give a feedback.

yes, this is what i meant.

you can create an USB stick with a directory “\AutoRun”.
You should add 2 files to \AutoRun:


55#"\windows\cmd.exe" /c "\usb hd\autorun\autorun.bat"


start \windows\update.exe /cu

The content of the 2 files is not tested, maybe you have to fix a typo.

If you have the stick (formatted with FAT32) then you can simply plug it in, wait a few seconds, unplug it and reboot.

Thank you very much, with your procedure I’ve solved the issue.

It was perfect (only 52 had to place instead than 55).

Many thanks

Perfect that it works. Thanks for the feedback.