iMX6 lvds display

Hi all,
I attached a koe tx31d200vm0baa 1280x480 display to the carrier, it works but colors are wrong.
I think I must add display specs to the device tree, to change the data-mapping (jeida), but I’m evaluating boot2qt and I’m looking for the fastest way to solve this problem: do you know if there is a procedure to change the device tree only, updating the bootloader and so on, without recompiling all the kernel?
Thank you very much.

Sure, either using the Toradex Easy Installer and editing an image JSON to only contain the device tree or using the legacy update procedure and just doing run setupdate; run update_fdt.

ok, thanks, but I’m working with boot2qt, I have only the binary device tree and I don’t want to build everything from source. I read about “dtc” utility to decompile the binary tree, modify it and then recompile, update and so on. Is it a right way to go?

hi, you could do this way also. You need to flash the new dtb file to the module using legacy update procedure.

hi, just to close this topic, it works! (using dtc)
thanks to everybody.

Hi, Perfect that it works. Thanks for the feedback.