iMX6 Linux often freezes (irregular) on boot


As stated in the title. I have a irregular boot of linux on my own carrier board. Sometimes it completes the boot sequence and I can enter “root” in the serial terminal to send commands. However, more often the boot sequence freezes at irregular intervals and does not go further and I have to reset the module. After a few tries I can enter “root” again. But this happens after between 5 to 10 resets.

I have checked my power supply, but it is not dropping and stays around 3.2 volts. The current draw is often around 0.7 A but shoots sometimes up to 1.1-1.2A.

I have also tried to solve it with a new OS, using the Toradex Easy Installer and install the latest version that is available (Ethernet). Updating went correct.

I known it should be a fault in the carrier baord (my own design) becuase it works without a glitch on the Ixora carrier board. During the design I have followed the complete manual for designing your own carrier board (also looked at the design schematics of the Ixora carrier board).

Has someone else experienced this problem? Or has someone a few tips I could try to find the cause of my problems. It would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

I problably have found my problem. Somewhere at the power supply level is a weird connection why the voltage level looks good but does not work properly. Just fixed beefy power supply cables to the power rail, and it works every time I restart.

In any way, thanks for thinking with me :).

Glad to see you found the issue!