Imx6 intermittent boot win ce

We have an imx6DL module that does not boot reliably in the evaluation board or our custom carrier. The reset line is not being held low. The module gets power but does not always boot. Once it does not boot it stays in that condition for some time. Later it will boot again. Sorry, don’t know what causes the module to recover…
Are there any know issues with the boot loader?
Any suggestions or common boot problems?

When module “doesn’t boot” - do you have any output on serial debug port?

There was an issue in 1.3 bootloader that was preventing modules from booting. If you keep resetting or powering on/off quickly the module is still not able to boot, but if you leave it off for a couple of mins it will.
This issue has been fixed in revision 1.3.1 of our windows CE bootloader.
What release are you currently using (you can see bootloader version on the serial console)?

Yes, that is the behavior we are seeing.
We are currently using version 1.3b4
Based on your response I believe we should update to 1.3.1

Can we get a copy of bootloader 1.3.1?
What is the latest released version of the bootloader?

1.3.1 is the latest version available on our servers.
Image is still 1.3, since changes impacted only the bootloader.
1.4b2 is our latest beta.