iMX6 GPIO access

Hello Toradex,
I change the function and status of the gpio via direct access to the corresponding registers. Is there any software in the angstrom distro that also accesses the gpios?

For example, some program uses/activates the UART3 and sets gpio1.IO[24] in the background.

I ask this to make sure there is no interference with other programs here.

Best regards and thanks it advance,

Hello Alex,

thanks for the info. That was not my question. I know how the pins are controlled.

I wanted to know if there is other/standard software pre-installed on the part of toradex in the angstrom image that switches the gpios. (Maybe there are background routines that may query UARTs).

The answer should be a simple yes or no. :wink:

Best regards

There is no simple answer. Some pins can be in use. You can examine the Device Tree to find out.