Imx6 Easy Installer Error WEC2013

Today the toradex board has arrived,
i’ve connected the iMx6D to Ixora Board anc Ixora board to LCD and ethernet.
when i power up the board it show Easy Installer.
In Easy installer i’ve selected Windows.
The installer worked for a while then reboot.
After reboot the lcd screen show vertical colored line and the board remains dead.
I tried to reinstall Easy installer but get this error when i open recovery-windows.bat

g_dnl_register: failed!, error: -19

The error exit when i open “recovery-windows.bat” so the board is correctly connected to host pc i think.
When i power up board on consolle i see

Launching image at 10200000.

but nothing appen on lcd.
if i connect HDMI monitor it will remain in sleep mode.

What i was wrong in board initializzation?
How can i install WEC2013 image in imx6D board?

Thx for help

Solved recover problem, i have not removed JP2 before start board.
The Easy installer problem has remained, when i check wec 2013 it will install Wec but after reboot the board remain dead.
Ehat i was wrong?

Did you try to install something else?

My problem is that WinCe starts in VGA mode but my board (Ixora) have not vga output…
How can i change this setting if i can’t accesso to windows?

Dear @markdaan,

Sorry to hear that unpleasant experience of getting started with our boards.

There is a way to set HDMI display setting.

  1. Use Remote Display to access the WinCE device on a desktop machine :

  2. Set or check below display registry setting, it will make cloning multiple displays, hence VGA and HDMI output will be the same.

Also, we have display tool to easily configure the different display interfaces.

Please let us know if it doesn’t help.