IMX6 Board power ON/OFF mechanism


we have some issues on IMX6 design where, board start booting up the moment we insert battery but we would need to board boot only after pressing ON/OFF button interfaced to IMX ON/OFF pin.
This is something like mobile phone operation i.e. battery insertion wont make the device ON and its switches on only after one button press. How to get the same on IMX6 solo platform.


I recommend that you refer to the Colibri Design Guide as well as to the power switch design as implemented on the Colibri Evaluation Board - specifically the schematics. Colibri modules do not have a signal dedicated to power on/off control - the module powers on when 3.3V is supplied to the 3V3 power pins of the Colibri connector. As such, you may consider placing a switch on the 3V3 power as used by the Colibri Evaluation Board.