I am using Colibri imx6DL and iris carrier board in my product. I want to use 2 audio-in (may be line-in left & right OR line-in and MIC-IN). There is no provision in amixer or alsamixer to work on both simultaneously. Capture Mux either use mic-in or line-in.
can i use both if yes how can use there is no command for line-in left and right separately.


Hi Deepak

Could you provide the version of the software of your module?

What is you application?

Best regards, Jaski

software version ? i did not get you.
I want to make a call through line-in (left or right or mic-in) and i need other line-in for a audio line recording might be (line-in left or line-in-right). but no such of option means use of line-in left and right is not available. kindly suggest.



software version ? i did not get you

What is the output of uname -a on the module?

hello jaski,

sorry for late reply. I have information form toradex support that both line-in and mic can not be used simultaneously in imx6.

for your information output t of uname -a is attachedlink text

Hi @deepakrajpoot

Yes, you are right. IMX6 uses the NXP SGTL5000 codec which accepts only one audio stream at one time as described here.
For using line-in and mic at same time, you should add a second codec on your custom carrier board.

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