Imx_uart 64 bit possible to use for Colibri VF50?


Since we use a custom board for flashing Colibri vf50, I would like to ask a naive question
if it is possible to use imx_uart dependent only on 64 bit libs as it is much easier to for us to build/use the 64bit version of imx_uart.

Thanks in advance.


The Colibri VF50 is based on the Arm Cortex ™ -A5, which is a 32-bit processor. And I strongly doubt that you can make a 64-bit driver work on it.

Thanks a lot for your quick response.

I do not doubt that Colibri V50 is based on a 32 bit processor. I just thought that imx_uart is used for flashing a bootloader onto a Colibri module, which means that imx_uart is started and works then not on a Colibri module but on another machine – call it carrier board or whatever.

And therefore I asked if imx_uart can be 64bit.

hi @sirop

What is your application? What exactly are you trying to do?

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We have a custom board which runs 64 bit Linux ( kernel 4.19 ) and want to know
if we can use a 64 bit imx_uart
( ) to flash a bootloader onto a Colibri V50 module as suggests:

sudo /usr/bin/imx_uart ${LOADEROPTS} -d ${UARTDEV}  ${LOCPATH}/vybrid_usb_work.conf  \  ${BINARIES}/u-boot.imx

I forgot to mention above that the custom board (=carrier board) is aarch64.

Yes, you can build your own imx_uart.
I build mine from this repo:

Using the right toolchain should yield a binary only depending on 64 bit libraries.

Thanks for confirmation. I also use .

hi @sirop: Is the issue solved now?

Yes, I confirm that we could successfully run imx_uart (Version:
on amd64 machine.

ldd /usr/bin/imx_uart =>  (0x00007fff2dfa6000) => /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ (0x00007fe4691c2000)
 /lib64/ (0x00005629ac2ee000)

We want also to test it on aarch64.

Perfect that it works. Thanks for your feedback.