Implemeting USB VCOM driver on WEC 2013

We are considering using WEC2013 for a project and need to implement a VCOM port serial driver; probably on a Colibri T30.

The Toradex module would be the USB Host and it would connect to a stm32 family microcontroller which would be the USB device.

From what i can tell, there is no WINCE 2013 driver supplied by ST microelectronics that would be suitable for the Colibri module, and I have been trying to establish if there is a generic CDC driver supplied with WINCE 2013 that could be used for this.

Can you help shed any light on this, please?

Not sure this helps or you already are aware of these resources.

In case you have the platformbuilder installed, there is some sample code available that uses the existing usb serial host driver: %_WINCEROOT%\Public\Common\Oak\Drivers\USB\Class\Usbser, as far as I understood, this is a host driver. There is also USB Serial host driver itself is kind of documented here.

The USB Host Serial driver is not part of the standard image. You need to add the following catalogue item: USB Modem Class Driver (SYSGEN_USB_SER) . If you don’t want to modify the standard image, this probably also be added easaly by just coping the resulting dlls into the \FlashDisk\System folder and adding the missing registry keys.