Implementing CAN bus on Apalis iMX6 issue

I have searched through the CAN libraries and do not see any mention of Apalis imx6 support. This is a critical component of my companies decision to utilize your products.
When will CAN support, along with sample code, be available for this platform, which will be running on WEC2013?

Thank you.

Our CAN libraries work on i.mx6, in both Apalis and Colibri format. It may be that, by mistake, some places reference only Colibri i.mx6. If you can provide me a link or a hint about where you found this information in the documentation I’ll fix it.

Example 1:
Only references Colibri; I only have one Colibri evaluation board, so this example does me no good.

2: Download the free CAN Demo code and library from here, clicking on here, does not give me any CAN demo code.

3: I have both Colibri and Apalis demo boards, so it is feasible that I may get CAN to work on Colibri, since there are many more references to it. However, very little exists on Apalis in regards to CAN.

This page appears to be top-heavy in Colibri reference.

  1. Sample references Colibri EVB, but we have support for CAN (directly from the SOC) also on Apalis EVB 1.1, please check datasheet to see how to configure jumpers and what connectors you can use, but software side will be exactly the same. We will try to update this article also for Apalis.
  2. Samples are part of our library download, check inside the libdemos folder for the code.
  3. You can have CAN working on both and connect the two boards for your testing, as I said you can find those information in the datasheet of the EVB.