IMAX8 LVDS driver


I’m using Apalis iMX8 LVDS drive a display. The display is E3 display. The backlight is on, but the imaging on the screen is only shown 2/3. The first 1/3 image on the screen is always missed, and it’s all black in that area. Do you have any suggestions on the LVDS configurations?
Display resolution is 1280x3(RGB)X800



Here are some patterns on the screens, it missed the first 1/3 of the image, and also there are two bars in the image as well, the colors are pink.

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If you’re using your own display you’ll need to configure the kernel device tree with parameters specific to your display. Usually such parameters can be found in your display’s device tree or from the manufacturer.

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Thanks, it turns out a bad LCD module, after we switched to a new module, we see the whole picture, but there is a small offset on both x and y, each about 5% off. Is there any driver file we can change some settings?

As I said previously, you’ll need to modify the device tree with parameters specific to your display. We apply a set of default configurations to the display interface, but of course these aren’t suitable for most displays out there. Meaning these need to be tuned on a case by case basis depending on the display.

Please see the article here: Device Tree Overlays (Linux)

It’ll give an idea of how such adjustments can be made using what we have as a reference.

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Thank you Jeremias

Glad I could help clarify.