Identified issue on WEC2013 for long type comparaison


An issue has been identified on WEC2013 with C# application when we make a comparaison with long.
For exemple, if you execute the following code on target and in release mode, “if condition” will not work.
It isn’t the case in debug mode.

ulong test = 0;
if (test == 0)
   // do something

An MS patch is available for that and describe here

So can you give me information about integration of this patch.
Thanks and regards,

Have you tested it on Colibri module? Our latest WEC2013 release (1.6) includes all MS updates until 2019M09 . And mentioned patch is in Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Monthly Update July 2017). So it should be included in our BSP.

Yes, this has been tested with a very simple test application on a colibri IMX6 with WEC2013 rev 1.6. without success

OK It’s an issue with .NET Compact framework 3.9. We will update it on our website in a nearest future. For now you can try to fount .NET armv7 Compact framework released Jun28 2017 or later. As a minimum you can replace an Mscoree3_9.dll on you WEC2013 machine.

Hi alex,
Thank for your answer, however your answer is a bit confusing for me.
We are using .net CF 3.9 but you refer to 3.5
We are using WEC2013 but you refer to WEC7.
Is your answer still valid ?

Sorry, It’s about 3.9/ I can confirm that you need either full NET package released after Jun28 2017 or at least replace a Mscoree3_9.dll

Thank for answer, it is now working with next version of mscoree3_9.dll.

Thanks for update! Glad it helped.

Hi alex.tx,
I opened this ticket in the past and you answered with a good workaround but we need a final solution.
As mentioned in your message of Jan 22 at 07:52 PM this require an update of .NET Compact framework 3.9 package on Toradex website.
Do you a time frame for that, please.

You can download updated version of .NET CF 3.9 here.