Iam Converting code of VisualStudio 2010 C#(.Net) into SmartDeviceApplication with Target on WinCE (C#). I have been facing following issues :

Issues :

  1. Struct layout Attribute unable to Provide Properties like Pack,Charset.Ansi which are mandatory for My project.
    Kindly Provide Any Solution…
    Any Help Appreciated!

C# on WinCE uses compact Framework with is a sub-set of the full framework on the PC (VS2010). So I guess its not supported by the Compact Framework!

This may work:



Thanks for your info!
It solved issue to some extent .Could you please provide any alternative to Charset.Ansi Property too.( since it provides only Unicode).
Any external Dll or what ever the alternative solution.

I cant any alternative, because I never used it.
Try google for “Charset.Ansi Compact Framework”
I gues you not the first in the world to have this problem.